California Divorce - Google Search

If you start doing a search up California Divorce in Google you get some auto-suggestions based on similar terms other people have searched for. As of today these are the terms Google suggests when you type in “California divorce”:
  • California divorce records
  • California divorce papers
  • California divorce rate
  • California divorce alimony
  • California divorce rate 2012
  • California divorce process
  • California divorce index
  • California divorce calculator
  • California divorce mediation

What’s interesting are the terms Google is NOT recommending based on similar searches. What you don’t see on the list are California divorce lawyer, or California divorce attorney. Only after typing in “California divorce l…” do we see those terms show up. Even then the word lawyer comes in 5th.

We can not be 100% what all of this means, though we have a fairly good idea. Seems more people are using Google search to learn about divorce, rather than using it to find a divorce attorney. Perhaps some of these people already have a family law attorney. Or others are just doing research for whatever reason. An example might be a paparazzi searching California Divorce Records to get information about a recent celebrity divorce filing. And perhaps students doing research on US divorce rates are on google looking for the California divorce rate.

What this tells us as well is people have a need for information about Divorces. For this reason we will continue to update this site with information we hope others find useful. Know that you should always speak with an attorney if you need any legal help. While web-sites are useful, they are not legal advice. Read our disclaimer below for more information. And if you do need a Family Law attorney to help with your divorce call us at (213) 372-0992. Or you can email us HERE.
If you want to reach about how Google comes up with it’s search terms for the autopopulate feature you can look HERE.