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  • California Alimony Calculator
    California Alimony Calculator

    While some attorneys and lawyers offer spousal support calculators online, we highly recommend you speak with an attorney rather than simply relying on an online form. In reality spousal support ...

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  • Adjust Visitation in LA
    Adjust Visitation in LA

    If you are looking to adjust your visitation in LA you should contact an attorney to discuss the details of your case. Typically visitation change orders are made based on whether some circumstance ...

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  • Celebrity Divorce
    Celebrity Divorce

    Over the past few years there has been more and more interest in, and news about, Celebrity Divorce. People seem to be very interested in the private lives, and private break-ups, of celebrities and ...

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  • Ending Family Law Secrecy in the UK
    Ending Family Law Secrecy in the UK

    Recent ruling in the UK courts is lifting some of the secrecy and privacy rules surrounding Family Law cases. This reported by the Times of London on July 22, 2013. Based on the article in The Times ...

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  • Gay Divorce and Straight Divorce
    Gay Divorce and Straight Divorce

    As we wrote a few weeks back, as more and more people enter same-sex relationships we will be seeing more and more gay divorce. This unfortunately is not a matter of opinion, but rather a matter of ...

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  • Divorce Court
    Divorce Court

    If you are getting a California Divorce in Los Angeles you should know that the proceedings can happen at any number of local courts. You can go to the LA Superior Court web-site and find the right ...

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