Celebrity Divorce

Over the past few years there has been more and more interest in, and news about, Celebrity Divorce. People seem to be very interested in the private lives, and private break-ups, of celebrities and stars.

What could be pushing this trend is shows such as Real Housewives which shows viewers the ins and outs of quasi-celebrity relationships. People see a couple fighting, and want to know more about the divorce. It also could be the results of all the news outlets looking for a “breaking” story which involves celebrities and scandals. With the rise of online tabloid outlets such as TMZ and RadarOnline we are seeing more news and gossip every day involving celebrity marriage and celebrity divorce.

Celebrity Marriage, Celebrity Divorce

If you are a celebrity – actor, musician, athlete – and are facing a divorce Contact the Law Office of Beatrice K. Fung immediately. You need to find an attorney who has experience, and also has discretion. The last thing you want is for anything private about your divorce to become public news. The Law Office of Beatrice K. Fung has handled a lot of celebrity cases and understands keeping private items private. Our client list includes actors, actresses, musicians, Grammy winning composers, and many others who are in the spotlight. When it comes to their cases though we do our utmost to keep their private information away from the public.

Contact Us to discuss your case and learn what about your divorce will become public, and what you can do to safeguard the information that should stay private.

If you are an agent or manage a celebrity please have your client contact us directly. We would be happy to have a consultation with them and discuss their situation.

Celebrity Prenup

If you are a celebrity and looking to get married Contact Us to discuss getting prenuptial agreement (a.k.a prenup). You should know the facts about prenups and how they apply to your specific situation. Also, you should know how they should be written in order to stand up better in a court of law.

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Our office is in Beverly Hills so we are very convenient for nearly anyone living in Southern California. It is a fairly short drive from Studio City, Hollywood, Brentwood, and Santa Monica.