What is Family Law

When someone asks “What is Family Law” it can generate a whole range of answers. This is because Family Law covers a wide range of legal issues including Divorce, Spousal Support, Child Support, Child Abuse, and others. Typically someone hires a Family Law attorney to help when they have a need in one of those key areas. In most cases each person will have their own attorney representing them to avoid any conflicts of interest.

Another area of Family Law is prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements. A Family Law Attorney can help you prepare or review a marriage agreement. Keep in mind that for some agreements (including prenups) they must be agreed to well in advance of a marriage. Otherwise they may be thrown out of court under the finding of “duress.”

A relatively new area of family law is same-sex divorce. We recently wrote a post on this web-site about that topic. As more same-sex couples get married it may lead to more of them also getting divorced. This is unfortunate but a reality of marriage today. Family Law also covers this topic as it involves divorce, and the legal rights and ramifications.

If you need a California Family Law Attorney make sure you know what area specifically you need them to focus in on, and ensure they have the right experience in that area. For example if you are looking to get divorced in California then you would be better served working with a lawyer who knows the California divorce codes and forms. And you will want your attorney to have experience with settlement conferences and appearing before court-rooms where your case may eventually be heard. This doesn’t guarantee success, but can go a long way towards a positive outcome.

An attorney can help you understand the Family Law code and the Family Law forms. Both of these can be very complex and require the assistance of a legal professional.

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