2 New Divorce Trends based on Avvo survey

Forbes.com published some insights into new Legal Trends in the US. These trends are based on an AVVO survey of 900 respondents. If you want to talk about how these trends could impact your divorce or child custody issues contact us at our office.

The first trend is what concerns people around their divorce. For couples without children the cost of the divorce has now become the #1 factor people are worried about. This shouldn’t come as a big surprise as divorces can get very expensive. The report goes on to say that the average divorce in the US costs $15,000. However, before you use that number as a bench-mark you need to know that is the average, and just from those who responded to the survey. If you are contemplating a divorce consider talking with a local divorce attorney about your specific case and what the costs might be. There are many factors that should taken into account. Having children for example can greatly impact how much your divorce could cost.

The second biggest concern for couples without children is the division of property. This can become a big point of contention between divorcing couples. This concern may be getting stronger with the recent rise in real estate prices in Southern California. In some cities such as Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Culver City, and Beverly Hills houses have gone up greatly which increases what some people are fighting over. For those couples with children CHILD CUSTODY is now the biggest concern in a divorce. People are of course very concerned about the well-being of their children. This can be true as well during the divorce process. Parents want to know who will be the primary care provider, how they will work out child visitation, child support, and all the other factors that go into their children’s lives. These same couples listed COST as their second biggest concern with a divorce.

The second trend is based on WHO is using the web to find their divorce attorneys. The survey showed that most of the people who found their attorney online were women (72% based on the results). Interestingly the survey did not mention which web-sites people are going to in order to find an attorney. That would have been good to know what resources people are finding useful so others could use them as well. And the survey found 49% of people who responded have children, and about half are under 44 years old. This unfortunately is not that helpful for those who are searching for a divorce attorney. In fact this information is only useful for attorneys as they now know to target more women with their web-sites and social media.

The survey showed that most people who find attorneys online are younger women with children, and also happen to be online shoppers.

The article ended by saying that people should interview a few attorneys before hiring one. While not a legal trend, this continues to be good advice for anyone dealing with a divorce in Los Angeles, or a child custody issue in Southern California.

If you are seeking a Los Angeles Divorce Attorney Contact Us to set up an appointment at our office in Beverly Hills. We want to hear about your case and discuss how we can help. Beatrice K. Fung has helped numerous people go through their divorce process here in Southern California. She has represented clients in Los Angeles, the Valley, and San Diego.