Considering an Online Divorce? Consult with an Attorney First

One trend in the divorce market has been the increase in “online divorce.” We wanted to take a minute to explain a bit about this. An online divorce typically only applies to uncontested divorces. This is when both couples agree there is nothing to fight over. While this is the case in some divorces, in other divorces people do find things up for debate. If you are considering an online divorce you may be well served to at least consult with one or more attorneys in person first to discuss your options. That way if you go the online divorce route you at least have some information to strengthen your decision.

As the housing market goes back up in value, and the stock market continues it’s upward rise (at least during this latest stretch) people are finding more things to fight over during a divorce – namely their finances. This can complicate the proceedings which may push you towards working with a lawyer you can deal with directly, rather than an online web-site only. And if you have children this becomes another area where you may want to speak with an attorney before making any decisions about what’s best for their future.

If you are considering your divorce options Contact Us to have a consultation so you can make a more informed decision. Through our years of experience we have helped families, Moms, Dads, men, and women through the divorce process.