Los Angeles Divorce Attorney Referral

There are a lot of ways to search for and find a Divorce Attorney in Los Angeles. One way is to reach out to family, friends, and co-workers to see who they have worked with before. Hopefully some of them have had a good experience with their own lawyers and can give you a recommendation. And that lawyer should abide by the lawyer confidentiality agreement and not share any of your case information with anyone.

Another option is to search the web and see what people say about lawyers and attorneys on sites like yelp, superlawyers, etc. However, be careful about trusting too much in online reviews. Some of these sites don’t require commenters to prove they have actually used that lawyer before. And other sites actually charge lawyers money to show up on their site. We have nothing against any of these web-sites. We would just like you to know that some of these are here to help you, while others are businesses whose main purpose is to make money.

A third way of finding an attorney is by watching TV commercials or hearing ads on the radio. This is an interesting twist because many of these ads may not be done by the lawyers themselves. They could have hired a marketing agency to use creative words to get you interested in hiring them to represent you. And in a lot of cases some of the radio shows refer attorneys on their web-site who pay them a monthly fee. We have nothing against any of this. And in fact some good attorneys may use these approaches to get their name out to the public. We are letting you know this to make sure you are educated on these matters and make an educated decision.

Beverly Hills Divorce Consultation

Regardless of how you find a lawyer, we recommend you meet with them in person to discuss your case. You want to see if the lawyer understands what you are going through, and can help you with your case’s needs. If you are facing a divorce then find a lawyer who has done plenty of divorces before. If you are dealing with Los Angeles child custody find a lawyer who knows child custody law and can provide you with advice.

If you found this site you either heard about us through a referral or the web. Either way Contact Us to set-up an appointment and meet with Attorney Beatrice K. Fung when it’s convenient for you. Once you are ready to visit our office you can go to our Maps & Directions page to get our address.