Fight DCFS - Fight CPS

A lot of people in Los Angeles seek out attorneys who fight DCFS and CPS. And it’s understandable to feel that way. In a lot of cases DCFS may be responsible for you children being taken away. However getting overly emotional is not going to help you achieve your goals. What truly helps bring families back together is working with someone who has done this before. If your kids have been taken away you want to work with an attorney who has helped people in your same situation. You want someone who understands what you are going through and can bring your life back into order.

DCFS Lawyer

When it comes to child neglect and abuse cases there are a lot of factors at play. There are DCFS attorneys, social workers, CPS attorneys (child protective services) and perhaps teachers, doctors, etc. There is also a very long and drawn out process. For these reasons you need an attorney who understand the role everyone is playing so you get the best shot at getting your kids back.

If you are facing a situation with DCFS Contact us to discuss how we can help. We have helped hundreds of parents, families, and grandparents fight for their legal rights. When it comes to LA DCFS you do not want to go it alone. And yes if you are involved in a Los Angeles child abuse case an attorney will be provided to you. However talk with that attorney in detail to make sure they understand and want to help you win back your kids. Unlike a lot of lawyers we don’t talk bad about DCFS. They are part of the larger process that deal with parents accused of child abuse and neglect. With that said, we don’t work for DCFS. We are a private law firm who gets hired by parents who are accused of child abuse and neglect. We aim to help families re-connect and be whole again.

Contact Us to set up a consultation over the phone, or at our office, so we can discuss your options.