Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce on Bravo

Bravo is coming out with a scripted television show dealing with Divorce. The show’s author is a divorced mother of two children who, from what reports say, is basing the show on her own experience. Looking forward to seeing a TV show actually tackling this issue head-on rather than simply having it as a plot point to work within. Other shows have covered divorce for years though rarely has it been one of the main tenants for the characters. Now we are going to see it play out front and center in terms of the impact it has on the story.

The fact the show got green-lit to begin with says a lot about where we are now as a society. And this is a good thing. We are okay with the concept of openly discussing divorce and its consequences on TV. Here in the real world divorce is much more than just a break-up of two adults. It can be an emotional roller coaster ride especially if there are children involved. Some of the most emotional and contentious divorces we deal with are because of the parent’s wishes for their kids. It can start with something as simple as which summer camp to send a child to, and can quickly escalate into talk around weekend visits, child custody, and even grandparent’s rights. Each of those opens it’s own series of questions, concerns, and emotional states of mind. Will the show play into each of these areas is anyone’s guess at this point. We are hopeful because it will give people at home an opportunity to see they aren’t the only ones dealing with their situation. And might even put things in perspective.

As this show will be on Bravo will be interesting to see if they find an audience. Bravo is known for it’s “un-scripted” dramas such as The Real Housewives. Though from The Real Housewives to a show about divorce isn’t much of a stretch. The Real Housewives slowly moved from a show about rich women shopping, to real women dealing with life altering changes such as divorce and child custody. So for Bravo this may be seen as an extension of one of their most compelling topics already being discussed. Hearing women talk about how much a purse costs gets dull very quickly. Them discussing their divorce and all of its nuances is a different story.

One things we are fairly sure of is if there is ever any legal aspect of the show it will be blown out of proportion. That is typically what TV and movies do to the law. Hollywood always makes the law much more interesting, whimsical, and open to interpretation than reality. Think of movies such as A Few Good Men. Rarely if ever do you have a lawyer screaming in a court-room (thankfully we haven’t seen it). And you don’t see cases where there are last minute surprise witnesses or discoveries that blow things wide open. The law is usually much more planned and strategic. Court room dramas are good for ratings, but aren’t what usually goes on here in the real world. And that too is a good thing. Divorce and things like child custody are tough enough. You want it to go as planned and smoothly as possible.

Looking forward to seeing how the show does, and how true it is to the real world. Either way, should be good to have more open discussion about this important topic.