Divorce and Social Media

With the ever increasing use of Social Media we wanted to share a few thoughts about Divorce and Social Media. Divorce is typically seen as a very intimate and private matter between the couple directly involved. The only others who typically get involved are close friends, family, and the family law attorneys.

This by its nature is very different than most Social Media sites and apps. Even the name “social” lets you know that social media is about sharing with others. Sites like Facebook and Pinterest are mainly about sharing information and pictures. Same goes for social media apps such as WhatsApp, Kik, and Instagram. Those are all about communicating information with a larger group of people.

Every couple is different when it comes to their divorce, and what information they want to share. What’s critical though is knowing from a legal perspective where you need to be careful. For a divorce to be straight-forward both sides need to be honest with each other. This is especially true when it comes to the division of assets. Both sides need to declare what they own, how much they earn, etc. Where a lot of couples get into trouble is when the information they share in a divorce proceeding is different than what they are sharing online. There have been many cases where someone has stated they are low on money, only to have pictures of them on Facebook showing off a new house or jewelry. This can possibly be used against them in a divorce proceeding when it comes to their assets, and even spousal support.

And be weary of using celebrity divorce cases as examples. In some public divorces the attorneys involved may feel it’s in their client’s best interest in making private information public. Sometimes though it can actually hurt their client. A lot of what happens in a divorce case is private. Some judges prefer to leave it that way. By airing the information on a public forum they may be hurting their chances of a positive outcome.

If you are seeking divorce make sure you work with an attorney who shares your view on Social Media and sharing information. Unless there is a very great reason to do so, err on the side of caution and keep private information private.