Los Angeles DCFS

If you are dealing with the Los Angeles DCFS you should contact an Attorney to help you navigate the system. DCFS is the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services. They typically get involved in a case when someone reports child abuse or child neglect in Los Angeles.

If you have to deal with the Juvenile Dependency Court system you may be appointed an attorney by the court. You should interview the attorney and decide if you want them fighting for your rights. If they aren’t the person you want you should hire an attorney on your own. We have worked with dozens of parents who decided they would rather work with a private lawyer who better met their needs.

When hiring an attorney here are some key things to consider:

  • How many years the lawyer has been practicing Child Dependency law?
  • What is their experience with child abuse and child neglect cases?
  • Do they have the time to work for you?
  • What is their reputation in the industry?
  • Do they understand your goals – and do you believe they can help you achieve them?

DCFS Attorney

Also, you want an attorney who takes the time to understand what you need. In a lot of cases parents are accused of child abuse, and their goal is to reunify with their kids. They want to get custody back of their kids. If you are being accused of child abuse talk with your Attorney about your goals so they can help figure out the best way to move forward. And think about family members who can take placement of the kids during the process. That may be an option for you as well.

Another critical item is being careful about who you speak with. With child abuse cases in Los Angeles there are a lot of parties involved. These include lawyers, judges, social workers, Doctors, and DCFS employees. Each of these people have their own goals. Make sure you talk with your attorney before speaking with any of them. The things you say can have a BIG impact on your case, and the outcome.

If you are involved in a child abuse case one of the first big steps in this process is the Detention Hearing. This hearing can decide if the children stay with you or will be placed in the custody of someone else (perhaps a family member or even Foster Care). It is critical you are ready for this hearing and are working with someone with experience. After this there may be follow-up court dates to make even more determinations about your child’s future.

Contact Us if you are dealing with DCFS or CPS (child protective services) and need legal help. We have helped hundreds of parents and families work toward reunification. For most of our clients the #1 Goal is getting their kids back in their homes.

Helping Families Against DCFS Charges

In case you are curious, below is more information about DCFS. According to their web-site below is the their mission statement and goals. What’s interesting is a lot of their goals are very subjective. For example you may believe that “Increased Child and Family Well-Being” means having your kids in your home. However the people who work for DCFS may feel otherwise. That’s why it’s important to hire a good attorney who has your interests at heart.

About DCFS

To better understand DCFS you shuld become familiar with their mission and goals. The following were taken from their web-site as of Nov 2017.

DCFS Mission Statement

DCFS will practice a uniform service delivery model that measurably improves:

  • Child safety
  • Permanency
  • Access to effective and caring service


There are six goals for L. A. County Department of Children and Family Services:

  • Improved Child Safety
  • Decreased Timelines to Permanence
  • Reduced Reliance on Out-of-Home Care
  • Self-Sufficiency
  • Increased Child and Family Well-Being
  • Enhanced Organizational Excellence