DCFS Hotline & Mandatory Reporters

The Los Angeles DCFS makes it very easy for anyone to report suspected Child Abuse and Child Neglect via their hotline. What’s not so easy is fighting charges of abuse and neglect. In a lot of cases the team at DCFS will err on the side of caution, and not want to place children back with their families if they are suspected of abuse. For this reason if you have been accused of child abuse you should speak with an attorney right away.

In a lot of cases we work with parents who have been reported by a “mandatory reporter.” This is a teacher, teacher’s aide, or Doctor who suspects there may have been child abuse. In fact there are more people who make the list of mandated reporters though that is the majority of them we deal with. One of those people will call the DCFS Los Angeles hotline and report possible abuse. What happens next is a very serious process which may involve your children being taken away temporarily or permanently. It can be an up-hill battle fighting to get your children back. For that reason you want to work with a Lawyer who has dealt with DCFS before.

If there is any evidence of possible abuse then we may recommend you also bring in experts who can help prove your side of the case. However, don’t run out and hire experts. We should sit down and sort through the facts before any such decisions are made. It’s critical to understand what you are up against and what your options are to fight for your parental rights.

If you are dealing with a Los Angeles child abuse case Contact Us right away to set up a consultation. We want to discuss your case and let you know how we can help.