Riverside Child Abuse Attorney

We are a full service Family Law Office helping clients in Southern California including Riverside. We are currently representing clients who are facing child abuse allegations. We cannot say anything about the specifics of the cases, but we can say we are helping our clients determine the best way to deal with the situations they are in. Ideally we can help a family reunify with unmonitored visits. That is the ultimate goal for most of our clients. They want to be able to be back with their families again.

If you are facing child abuse allegations Call Us to discuss how we can help you. We have helped hundreds of families across LA fight for the rights. We have worked on behalf of Dads, Moms, Grandpas and Grandmas. Our experience with DCFS has helped us immensely working with our clients.

And if you need any information about the court system in Riverside you can go to the official Riverside court web-site.