Yelp Los Angeles Family Law

If you are searching for a Family Law Attorney in Los Angeles or Beverly Hills there are a lot of sources to find them. One of those sources is Recently both Yelp and Avvo have gained popularity with Lawyers and Attorneys. And they are being used more by people to help find an attorney to work with.

If you are using one of these sites to find an attorney ensure you also do a google search to see what other sources have to say. And you may be best served by consulting with a lawyer directly to make sure you and them understand each other. If you want to talk with an Attorney about your case go here to set up a consultation. A big part of the client attorney relationship is working with someone who knows what you want to achieve. Your attorney should know what your goals are, and help you learn the best way to reach them.

Typically when a potential client meets with Beatrice K. Fung on the phone, or in her office, they quickly realize she has a wealth of Family Law experience, and she is determined to help them reach their goals. This is something you can’t read about in a Yelp review or through a web-site. You should talk with attorneys to ensure they understand your needs and have worked with cases like yours before. A lot of divorce cases and child abuse cases can last for years. That’s why it’s important to sign on with someone you feel can fight for your best interests. If you are searching for a Family Law or Child Abuse Attorney Contact Us to speak with Beatrice K. Fung and see if she’s the right Attorney for you.

DCFS Los Angeles
In situations involving Child Abuse and Child neglect allegations you want to work with someone who has dealt with DCFS before. This is a specialized field of law in Los Angeles and requires additional attention. Ask the attorney you are contacting how many cases they’ve had with DCFS and if they specialize in this area of the law. You want to ensure they have actually dealt with DCFS cases head-on and know how that system works. In a lot of cases clients will hire on their friends or acquaintances with Law degrees, or para-legals, to help with their cases. That can be risky because of the nature of child abuse allegations. They are extremely serious cases, and can have serious consequences. That’s why it’s recommended to ensure you work with the best Family Law attorney who knows what you are fighting for.