Beatrice K. Fung rated "Excellent" on Avvo

Attorney Beatrice K. Fung is now rated “Excellent” on the Avvo website. The Avvo attorney rating is based on numerous factors including years of service, client referrals, and referrals from other attorneys.

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Beatrice K. Fung Avvo

Beatrice Fung is listed on Avvo for child dependency, child custody, divorce, prenuptial agreements, and spousal support services. She practices a wide range of Family Law and Juvenile Dependency services.

This is what former or current clients had to say about her on Avvo:

An Amazing Family Law Attorney
Bea was incredibly compassionate to me through a very difficult and emotionally draining divorce and child custody battle. From our first meeting in her office as a scared woman, looking for a way out of an abusive marriage, I knew that she would be a great lawyer. She gave me important first steps to help remove myself and daughter from a dangerous situation. She was always quick to respond to all my questions, and I had a lot! She helped me get the best outcome for my custody situation, as well as guidance when it came to child support. She gave excellent [spelling corrected] advice before, during and even after the divorce was final. Working with Bea felt like she was a friend helping a friend and I’m grateful she eased the stress in a very intense time.

Beatrice had the highest ethical standards, insisting on applying full diligence in returning our child. she discussed the trial with me and returned emails without feather beading, as i’ve seen with others. she prepared a strong defense, unfortunately she was a little slow on obtaining sensitive evidence keeping effective analysis from completing in a timely manner, nevertheless she was a comfort in a terrible storm

Unbelievable lawyer for a seemingly defeated father of two
Was faced with responding to a requested divorce from my wife, as well as having my visitation with my kids set at 2 hours per week. My record was also a question mark as i had 2 dui’s on my record, and a alleged domestic violence claim made by my then wife. With all those circumstances after the end of my first hearing Beatrice was able to get my visitation with my kids raised to 3 days a week. My domestic violence charge was thrown-out, thus i was able to negotiate from a more even stance. Ultimately my custody was set at 60-40 and i know have joint legal and physical custody, as i have since gained 50-50physical custody. I thank God I choose Beatrice K. Fung

Incredibly dedicated family law attorney

  • I recommend Beatrice Fung.

  • I hired Beatrice 1-3 years ago.

  • Beatrice handled my Divorce / Separation matter.

  • She helped me through a very long and difficult divorce that lasted over 3 years. She was able to give advice, discuss pros and cons of certain choices and support my decision. She continues to offer guidance on issues as they come up and I believe that she has integrity and the tenacity to back her clients completely.