Celebrity Divorce Ending

If there’s one positive about Reality TV it’s the spotlight being shined on divorce. Divorce is not an easy process and it can be extremely emotional. Just a few decades ago divorce was something people whispered about. Now it’s big news because people are actually opening up about it. Sure some people are open about it because they want the publicity. Regardless of the reasons… it is being talked about more which is a good thing.

A current example of a divorce in the news is Porsha William’s divorce from Kordell Stewart. The Huffington Post recently ran an article describing her interview on Bethany Frankel’s talk show. Interesting how we have a former housewife, interviewing a current housewife, about a divorce she went through during her time on the Real Housewives. Either way she talked about how everyone is claiming she’s a victim because she didn’t get any of Kordell’s NFL career money. She is saying she didn’t want the money so she’s not a victim.

The media and commentators probably can’t help themselves but to continue to claim she was treated unfairly by the process. In this case though it appears she got what she was after – a quick divorce she could walk away from. Should she have stayed and fought? It all depends on what her goals were. If her goal was to get half of the money he earned while they were married then staying the course may have been a better option. In her case though it seems she had a goal, and she accomplished it. And this may be better for her long-term if she has other things she wants to focus on. Perhaps those other things will be better for her both financially and from a personal happiness perspective.

Know we are not saying people should ever give up going after what they want. If she truly by law was due more money, and her goal was to get it, then she perhaps should have continued fighting in the divorce proceedings. It all depends on what her goals were and the best way to accomplish them.

When we work with clients going through a divorce it’s important to know what they want. And it’s also important to be realistic. Everything people fight for adds more time and money to the process. So people have to weigh their wants with the reality of the situation. A good attorney should help you think through your goals and then determine the best way to achieve them. And no attorney can promise you you’ll get exactly what you want. You want a lawyer who is fighting for you, but also explains how things might go depending on the situation.

Unfortunately in this case we may never truly know what happened with their divorce negotiations. All we have to go on at this point is her word. Still we can learn from this a lot about setting goals, and setting out to achieve them.

Regardless of the facts of the case, this entire TV drama may be a positive because it’s again opening people’s eyes to divorce. This is not an easy process and in some cases will be drawn out in the media. Of course in this case part of that media attention is possibly due to Porsha asking for it. Most people don’t go on a talk show unless they feel there is something to gain. And a lot of celebrities (or simply people on TV) hire PR firms to help them get more media attention. TV network may be helping that as well. Bravo, A&E, and others rely on people watching to draw advertisers. In Porsha’s case she may be seeking attention hoping it will help land her a talk show, or more seasons on Real Housewives of Atlanta. Or perhaps she has a book deal in the works. What we do know is this will start up more discussions about divorce and get people engaged.

Based on all this news we may see more celebrity couples getting into prenup and postnup agreements. That could really help save them a lot of time, money, and drama down the road if they are ever facing a divorce. It’s hard enough for some couples to talk about finances while they are married and in love. It might be outright impossible during the divorce process. So it can really help couples to get these discussions taken care of while things are going well. And in the case of celebrties it could help keep them shielded from the media spotlight during a divorce – unless that’s what they are after.