Cheap Los Angeles Divorce

If you are searching for a cheap divorce you might be short-changing yourself. Rather than focus on the legal fees, consider what you want to get out of your divorce, and find an attorney you believe can help you get there. Find someone you can trust and who has a good referral base of prior clients. Also, make sure they have experience with the types of cases you are dealing with.
It’s easy to find an attorney who will give you a low fee estimate up-front, but what you may not know is how much it will cost you in the long-run. Unless it’s a fixed-fee divorce you may be facing a lot of hourly fees down the road you never considered. So talk with the attorney about their retainer, and their typical hourly rate.
Even if someone grants you a fixed-cost divorce it may not be worth it. If you are fighting over property, money, child custody then you want an attorney who will fight for what you want. People who charge fixed fix rates may not want to spend a lot of time and energy on your case. So consider what you could be giving up financially or emotionally in the long-run. If you save a few bucks on your lawyer but lose 2 properties and the right to full custody then you really haven’t gained anything.
The only time you should consider finding a low cost divorce is when there is nothing to fight over. Even then you need to be careful and make sure your attorney is experienced and is looking out for your best interests. You don’t want to save a few dollars now and have it cost you thousands in the future.
If you need a Los Angeles Divorce Attorney, or a Los Angeles Child Abuse Attorney Contact Us to set up a consultation. In fact if we have some time we can discuss your case on the phone and may be able to give you an estimated cost right up-front. Keep in mind that everything you want to fight for may end up costing more time and money. And when people keep changing their minds about what they want it can drag things out even longer. So no matter who you hire to be your attorney consider your goals and share them with your lawyer. Things can sometimes work out the best when you are both on the same page.