Edelman Dependency Court

There are a lot of online reviews regarding the Edelman Children’s Court in Monterery Park, California. Edelman Court is where child abuse and neglect cases are heard. These cases are called dependency cases. For the most part these cases are strictly confidential due to them involving minors.

First and foremost, if you are dealing with a child abuse or child neglect allegations contact an attorney right away. The earlier you work with an Attorney the better prepared you might be. Getting a jump on your case and the proceedings can have a large impact on the outcome of the case. Feel free to call or emailour office to set up a consultation in person or over the phone.

Edelman Courthouse

The Edelman Courthouse in Monterey Park, California.

Due to dependency being so confidential you should be cautious when reading into online reviews regarding these cases. For one thing Attorneys should never discuss or disclose any information around their dependency cases. For another these cases can be very emotionally charged. So what you may read online sometimes cannot be verified. And people may be speaking from emotion rather than facts.

We have represented hundreds of dependency cases so we understand how emotional these can be. Anytime someone is accused of child abuse or neglect there are going to be emotions involved. And when it comes to foster care, child custody, and mandatory training, emotions can get even higher.

If you are dealing with a child abuse or child neglect case Contact Usto discuss how we can help. If you are someone you know is accused of child abuse we highly recommend you speak with an attorney immediately. These charges are treated extremely seriously and can have life changing consequence.

And if you do need to go to Edelman Court House for your own case then you may want to be prepared before you arrive. Here are a few suggestions on that topic.

Edelman Court Tips

  • Arrive on time. No one likes to be kept waiting, and judges are no exception.

  • Listen to your attorney. You may be extremely smart, and 100% in the right. However you should still work with and listen to your attorney – especially if they have experience working within this court system.

  • Be Prepared. If your attorney asks you to show up with documents, then show up with those documents. It sounds obvious, but a lot of clients show up unprepared which doesn’t help their case.

  • Leave your emotions at the door (as much as you can). As mentioned before this is an emotional court house due to the nature of the cases. Do your best to stay focused on getting through the process.

  • Be willing to accept the outcome. Things may not go as you expect, or want in the courthouse. However you may need to accept what the outcome is and move forward with your life. We have represented clients with a number of different results. We always fight for whatever their long-term goals are.

  • Be prepared for a long day. Some cases are heard in the morning, and some later in the day. Don’t show up already feeling rushed and needing to leave right away.

  • Talk to your Attorney before speaking with anyone else about your case. You may be dealing with Social Workers, other Attorneys, and DCFS. It is very important you meet with and talk with your Attorney before getting into any of these conversations. What you say can have a very big impact on your case. And some of these people do not represent your best interest. Your Attorney is the one who is looking out for you.

Final thought which was stated above. Be mindful of online reviews regarding the Edelman Courthouse. A lot of them say the courthouse is biased or unfair. You don’t want to go into your own experience already felling this way. You want to go in listening to your Attorney and staying focused on doing what will help you achieve your goals. And a lot of negative reviews are based on cases involving public defenders. We will not speak to that point since we work closely with a lot of those Attorneys. And all lawyers and cases are different. So experiences may vary. All we will say is take your time to decide what you want to achieve, and choose the Attorney who you feel will be represent your case.

Edelman Court Address

Edmund D. Edelman Children’s Court
201 Centre Plaza Drive
Monterey Park, CA 91754

Sample Edelman Court Yelp Reviews

Overall the Edelman Courthouse has 2 1/24 out of 4 Stars on Yelp.com. A lot of the negative reviews appear to be from parents who had to fight for custody of their children. This is a tough place to be in for any parent or guardian.

Here are of the more interesting comments from Yelp reviews for the Edelman Courthouse. Note, these are all quoted from Yelp.com and do not represent our own beliefs or feelings:

  • From Rob K. in Long Beach, California. The judge will do what the social worker says, not the other way around. Hold on to your hat, you are entering a legal system where you do not have any rights, they will lie and say things to make you lose your temper then sit back with a straight face. Might as well be in court in Russia, you may have more rights there.

  • From Lizzett H in Montebello, California. This court saved my life! I was in an abusive house hold when I was a kid my father was an alcoholic and he would abuse my mother and siblings and myself in one of his drunk moments. My mom had to go through a long process but at the end my dad was charged with domestic violence. It took us a while to get back on our feet, this happened almost 16 years ago and I’m grateful for this court at that time they did everything possible to get us the emotional help we needed as kids to help us deal with the abuse. Thank you children’s court!

  • Jose B. in Corona, California. For those that are not aware of the criminal activity in this court. My children were removed based on fabricated allegations, not once but four times.