Fight DCFS

If you’ve been accused of child abuse or child neglect in Los Angeles contact us. We have a long history working with DCFS protecting the right of parents. Families, Moms, Dads, and Grandparents call us when they’ve been accused and want to fight to continue taking care of their children.

A lot of attorneys will tell you they “Fight DCFS”. However that isn’t always the best approach to getting custody back of your children. In some situations yes you need to fight. In others you need to work with DCFS, social workers, doctors, and others who are involved in your case. While there very high emotions involved this is a system and it has processes. You need to work with a lawyer who has done this before.

Yes this is scary. Being accused of child abuse means you might lose custody of your children. However there are usually steps you can take before, during, and after your DCFS hearings that will help your chances of keeping custody of your kids. You want to work with a Family Law lawyer who has helped families get custody back of their kids.

If you are considering which Attorney to work with here are a few key questions to ask:

  • How many times have you represented parents in Children’s court?
    • In child abuse cases experience counts for a lot. Attorney Beatrice Fung has worked with hundreds of clients at the Edelman Children’s Court working with families accused of child neglect.
  • How long have you been practicing Family Law?
    • You want an attorney who has handled enough cases to understand how to work with yours.
  • How long have you been a private practice Attorney?
    • This is very important. A lot of attorneys start off working for DCFS, and then go into Private Practice. If that’s the case you need to make sure they have years of experience as private counsel.
  • Do you always go in wanting to fight DCFS?
    • The answer should be “it depends on the situation. Sometimes yes it’s a fight. And sometimes we need to work together to get what we want.”

Here are some other questions that have come up as well:

  • Should I hire a private Lawyer?
    • When you get accused of child abuse by DCFS you will be provided with a Lawyer. You should meet with them and decide if they are the right lawyer for you. A few things to consider is how much are they going to care about your case? How much time will they dedicate to it? Do you think they are there to help you?
    • We will not say anything negative about the attorneys who are provided by DCFS. We work with these people frequently, and part of being a Family Law Attorney is working with others professionally.
    • If you get accused our advice is to meet with a Private Lawyer and decide who is the best fit for you, and decide who is going to help you get what you need.
  • Are there things I can do to win my case?
    • Yes. Though every situation can be different. Sometimes a child has a fracture, a bruise, maybe told a teacher something they saw. It is important to have the facts about why DCFS was called, by whom, and who else was involved. Then your Lawyer can help figure out what steps should be taken next.
  • Could DCFS be contacted over a broken bone?
    • Yes. DCFS can be brought in for a number of reasons. If someone suspects child abuse or child neglect they can contact DFCS and report it. DCFS will take the call seriously and open a case and investigation. Some of the reasons we have seen include: broken bones, the child reported abuse, child molestation, and allegations of other sexual abuse.
  • Could DCFS bring criminal charges?
    • In some cases there may be criminal charges. If the allegations of abuse or neglect are serious enough the authorities can be brought in. We work with families to help get them custody back of their children. If criminal charges are involved you should also work with Defense Lawyer. We can recommend a Defense Lawyer for your DCFS case if you need.