Divorce Learning Lessons

We have helped a lot of men and women go through a divorce. As an attorney we cannot divulge any information about our clients. However we can share some of the learning lessons we have picked up over the years. Here are some we would like to share:

  • Spousal support is not always indefinite, so be Prepared to work again. If your significant other worked and you didn’t, you maybe entitled to spousal support (also known as alimony or palimony). However in a lot of cases spousal support only lasts for a limited amount of time. That depends on a number of factors we can discuss if you come in for a consultation. If and when the support ends you will be expected to support yourself financially. The sooner you realize this the better prepared you should be.

  • Be Reasonable. Most courts we have worked with can clearly see when one side is being reasonable and the other isn’t. And in some cases they will side with the side who comes to the table ready to work together, rather than fight it out. This does not mean you should give in on every topic. What it means is you should be prepared to win on some things, and give-in on others. The key is to pick your battles and decide what’s truly worth fighting for.

  • If there are any allegations of child abuse or child neglect you should make sure you work with an attorney with experience in those areas. Look for a lawyer who has “Juvenile Dependency” experience so they can help with that legal matter as well. Our office is one of the few in Los Angeles who deals with divorce AND child abuse cases.

  • Do not give up. Divorce is a long, drawn-out process. You need to walk in expecting it to to take years, not months. And it can easily get dragged on if the other side wants it to – postponing hearings, not providing documents in a timely manner, etc. Do not let the other side bully you by dragging things out. You need to stay strong through the process.

  • Listen to your Attorney. You hired an Attorney to help you through your Divorce. Listen to their advice.

  • Be careful what your friends tell you. Everyone has stories of their own divorce, or stories they’ve heard from their friends. Be careful about what advice or tips they give you. Remember that everyone has their own biases. So if someone tells you about their settlement, spousal support, etc then they may not be telling you the full story. Stay focused on your own divorce.

If you need a Los Angeles Divorce Lawyer call our office to set up a consultation with Attorney Beatrice K. Fung. She has helped hundreds (over 300) children, Moms, Dads, and significant others with their Family Law cases.