Huffington Post Divorce

Interesting to see how involved the Huffington Post is when it comes to the topic of Divorce. Their site has a lot of articles about divorce, with more articles published every day. We did a quick analysis of what the articles were like as wanted to see if there was an angle to their site.

Doing a very simple analysis of their site here is what we found:

Who Writes the Articles?

10 of the 10 articles we looked at on their divorce page were written by women. Yes, 100%. And most of them were written by the same woman. Not clear of course how this could impact the writing though it is very clear the angle of the articles will be from a woman’s perspective. This is not necessarily a bad thing but it would be nice if they gave men equal time for their perspective on divorce.

In fairness one of the articles written by a woman had a lot of quotes from men about getting over divorce. Still, not sure why they couldn’t have had a man write the article to ensure that voice came through.

What are the Articles About?

Based on a breakdown of the 30 or so Articles on the front page here are the key topics:

  • Getting over divorce = 2
  • Co-Parenting after a divorce = 2
  • Men Focused divorce = 3
  • Women Focused divorce = 5
  • Learning Lessons from divorce = 11
  • Other = 7
  • Celebrity divorces = 4

What does this tell us? Huff Post Divorce has a decent sprinkling of topics though the great majority are based on learning lessons from other people’s divorces. This is a good subject area to cover as millions of people have gone through a divorce so there are probably a lot of things others can learn from their experience. And around 12% of the articles are focused on celebrity divorces. That’s not too surprising considering how many people are interested in hearing about the latest celebrity gossip.

Overall if you want to learn about divorce the best way would be to talk with your family and friends who have gone through the experience. They will probably share similar characteristics with you, more so than say a random article, or someone in a completely different part of the country writing about a divorce.

And if you are getting a divorce Contact an Attorney right away to talk about your options. You want to hear from someone with a lot of experience who knows what the legal world of divorce is really like.