Exclusive Divorce Attorney

First and foremost beware of anyone claiming they are an “exclusive” Attorney. Even if that’s true, it is not something you want to hear. If you are looking for a Divorce Attorney in Los Angeles you want someone who can earn your business based on their history of dealing with similar cases. You want to work with a Lawyer you knows what you are goals are, and understands where you are coming from. And you want a Lawyer who will fight for you.

That’s why a lot of people seeking a divorce in Los Angeles hire Beatrice Fung. She has helped hundreds of clients with their Family Law issues from San Diego to Santa Barbara, and all over Los Angeles. And when her clients are asked for referrals they tell their friends to call her. If you need a divorce in Los Angeles contact us to set up a consultation.

Recently we met with someone who is looking for a Divorce Lawyer in Beverly Hills. Before coming to talk with us they met with an “exclusive Beverly Hills Attorney”. The lawyer told this person they were so exclusive that they would ONLY take new clients who had one of their business cards. The Lawyer said that was to ensure she was only working with clients in the right circles.

We have also seen attorneys play a marketing game where they said their calendar is full, but maybe they could squeeze this one new case in. This is very similar to the sales tactic above.

Lawyers aren’t the only ones who practice these approaches. We have seen similar methods used by realtors, car salesman, and even online web-sites (Expedia.com always says “there are only 3 tickets left at this price.”) We do not practice these approaches.

Yes it is true we are a Family Law Office located in Beverly Hills. So that may seem exclusive. However we are in Beverly Hills because this is a great place to meet clients. It’s centrally located to almost everywhere in Los Angeles. If you are coming from West LA, downtown, the Beach Cities, or even the Valley we are only 30 or so minutes away (depending on traffic of course).

And if we tell a prospective new client we are too busy to take their Family Law case then that is the truth – we are too busy at that time. We only take enough cases where we feel we can give our clients the attention their cases need. This is not about being exclusive, it is about providing the right level of attention and focus. Usually when this happens we will let the client know when our court calendar clears up and we can start working with them. If you are dealing with a divorce or a child custody matter it may be worth it to wait for the attorney you want to work with. And in a lot of cases people are okay waiting until we are available to help them.

If you need a Family Law Attorney in Los Angeles call or email us and set up a time to meet at our office. We will set up a one hour consultation and you can decide if we are the right fit for you.