Lower Child Support Payments

In Los Angeles a lot of parents ask us about lowering their child support payments. Definitely speak with an attorney if this is your goal so they can help you figure out if this is an option. You can contact our office anytime and someone will respond right away.

Typically the court will use a formula to determine the child support payments, though you may want to talk with your lawyer about the process and what information comes into play. If you have all of your financial information available they may be able to tell you the approximate change in your monthly child support payments.

On the CSD web-site they mention using information gathered from the following documents to help determine what the monthly child support payments will be. Keep in mind they will also consider your spouse’s financial situation as well.

  • Tax returns for the past two (2) years. If self-employed, bring Schedule “C” and current profit-and-loss statement

  • Last three (3) paycheck stubs

  • Proof of unemployment benefits

  • Proof of disability and/or disability benefits

  • Proof of health insurance premium payments

  • Proof of child care expenses

  • Proof of child support and/or spousal support paid by you for any other relationship

  • Proof of visitation/timeshare (time spent with the child)

  • Proof of biological or legally adopted children living with you

  • Proof of mortgage payments and property tax bill

  • All loan applications (whether or not the loan was granted) for the last two (2) years

  • Any other documents or information the judicial officer or CSSD has told you to bring

You must also complete an Income and Expense Declaration (FL-150) and bring it with you to court.