Family Law Typos

A lot of people looking for a Family Law Attorney in Los Angeles unfortunately use typos. Quite a few of the words Family Law Attorneys use can be difficult to spell, or have other very similar words. You should never feel bad about misspelling one of these words. Most of them are not used in everyday language, and hopefully most of you will never need to know them.

Here are a few examples:

  • The correct spelling is Los Angeles Child Dependency. A lot of people accidentally spell this Child Dependancy. This is a very common and easy to make mistake.
  • The correct acronym for the Child Services Agency is DCFS or CPS depending if you are in Los Angeles, or Orange County. A lot of people mistype this to something like DFS, DCPS, or CFS.
  • The word prenuptial agreement is another one people frequently misspell. A lot of people may spell it prenuptual, preenup, or prenupptial. Maybe this is why so many people abbreviate the word to “prenup”.
  • Monterey Park, California is where the Los Angeles children’s court is located. A lot of people misspell this to Montaray Park, Monteray Park, or Montteray Park. This is very difficult because even a lot of spell checkers don’t know how to spell Monterey Park.
  • Yes some people do spell the words Lawyer or Attorney incorrectly as well. Again, this is because these are words most people don’t have to use or spell very often. The typos could include DCFS lawers, lawrs, laywers, atorneys, attornies, and atornes.

People often make simple typos because they are typing too quickly, or just aren’t paying attention. For example someone found our web-site the other day by doing a search for dcfslawers. Our guess is they were in a hurry and just typed it in too fast.

In today’s world thankfully google and other search engines usually can determine what you are trying to say and will correct the spelling for you. In other cases you still might find what you are looking for as web-sites can have typos too.

If you are looking for a DCFS Attorney to handle your case in Los Angeles, Orange County, or San Diego give us a call. We are happy to sit down with you and discuss your case. If we are a good fit we can set up a retainer agreement and start working on your case.