DCFS Lawyer

A lot of Family Law Attorneys recommend us to their clients who need help against DCFS. While they are handling a divorce case for their clients, the issue of child abuse or child neglect may come up. When that does the Attorneys may send the case to our office.

A lot of Attorneys (including us) handle Divorce, yet the area of Juvenile Dependency is very specialized. Only a handful of Attorneys practice it in Los Angeles. And Attorney Beatrice K. Fung is one who has handled literally hundreds of cases against DCFS.

We pride ourselves on being a Law Firm which other Firms feel comfortable sending their clients to. We have handled small cases, up to high-profile celebrity cases involving allegations of child abuse and child neglect. Regardless of who our client is, or how well known they are, we handle all our cases with a very high level of professionalism and secrecy. These allegations are extremely serious and personal. Therefore it is critical to ensure your information is kept private.

If you need a DCFS Lawyer Contact Us immediately so we can discuss your case. It is critical you speak with a DCFS Lawyer who specializes in these types of cases. A lot of Family Law Attorneys handle divorce and prenups. However you want to work with someone who knows how the DCFS system works.

If you are interviewing or meeting with DCFS Lawyers consider asking them how many cases they have had at the Edelman Courthouse. We have handled literally hundreds of cases there and can help provide guidance on your case as well.