Child Dependency Court Los Angeles

The Child Dependency court in Los Angeles is located in Monterey Park. This is just East of downtown Los Angeles.

Ed Edelman Childrens Court
201 Centre Plaza Drive,
Monterrey Park, CA 91754

If you are dealing with a court case at the Edelman Court you may be facing serious allegations. Usually parents must go there to deal with accusations of child abuse or child neglect. And the ramifications can be dire. In some cases parents may lose the parental rights of their children. The good news is there are Attorneys out there who can help. If you are dealing with child dependency court in Los Angeles CALL US right away to talk about your case.

You will need someone with experience and compassion to navigate the very complex legal system set up to protect children. This may involve social workers, doctors, others attorneys, and judges. Our Attorney Beatrice K. Fung has fought hundreds of cases in child dependency court on behalf of parents and children. She brings her experience to her cases so she can fight for her clients.

And you will need help. In a lot of cases social workers will work to get children placed in foster home, or with another legal guardian. They may believe the allegations against the parents – and push to have the children removed from their homes. This may seem like an unfair or unjust system, but it is how the system is set-up. Our goal is to work with our clients to understand the allegations and do our best to help you achieve your goals. Typically this bringing your children back to your home as quickly as possible.

At our office we listen to your clients and do everything we can to help them fight DCFS allegations of child abuse and child neglect. This requires us to know all the details of the case, and for our clients to be open to listening to our advice. Getting their children back is the most important thing to parents – and is what we fight for.