Dependency Legal Group of San Diego

If you are facing a Juvenile Dependency case in San Diego you may deal with the Dependency Legal Group of San Diego (DLGSD). This is a group of court appointed attorneys who represent children and parents when there are child abuse allegations. The attorneys at DLGSD cannot be hired outside of being appointed.

Having a court appointed attorney in your San Diego child dependency case can be good – if you cannot afford to hire an outside Family Law Attorney. However, if you can afford your own Attorney to represent you talk with an attorney. We have helped hundreds of Fathers, Mothers, Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents in San Diego & Los Angeles fight abuse, and child neglect, allegations.

Having your own outside Attorney can help as we can provide you with the time and attention needed for your case. It is so important to have a Lawyer who takes the time to understand your goals, and helps develop a strategy. In a lot of cases the parents we work with want their kids back in their homes. If that is your goal we will help come up with a plan and help seek that out. And we fight for our clients. You getting what you want is extremely important to us.

In some cases we may advise you to also seek out medical reports or advice from Doctors or surgeons depending on the allegations. With some of our clients the children have physical injuries which started the child abuse accusations. While having a Doctor’s opinion is critical it cannot guarantee success. It can though be part of a larger case we can help build to support your side. In a lot of cases all it takes is for a Doctor, Teacher, Principal, or Nurse to report potential abuse allegations. Even a bruise or black eye can be enough for them to call DCFS. You would then need to fight the allegations in order to show you have not abuse or neglect your child. Having an Attorney can’t guarantee success but it can give you a better fighting chance.

More information about the Dependency Legal Group from the San Diego Courts web-site (as of May 2016):

The Dependency Legal Group of San Diego (DLGSD) is a nonprofit public benefit corporation formed for the sole purpose of providing legal representation to indigent families who come before the juvenile dependency court in San Diego County. There are four divisions of DLGSD – the Primary Parent Office, which represents the primary or offending parent, the Conflict Parent Office, which represents the second or noncustodial parent, the Minor’s Counsel Office, which represents the child, and the Conflict Counsel Office, which represents additional parents and children, and accepts all conflict-of-interest appointments.