Edelman Children’s Court Judges – DCFS Judges

This is a list of judges at the Edelman Court in Monterey Park, California (as of May 2016).  The list changes from time to time.  You should check with the courthouse for the most up-to-date list of judges.  These people are the ones you may reside over your case.  They will hear all sides and make their decision.  These are the judges who are assigned to DCFS related cases.  If you have a court case at the Edelman Court house we highly recommend you work with an Attorney who has experience with Family Law.

And know that the information handled in these cases can be extremely sensitive.  You should work with your Attorney to better understand which information you can and cannot share, even with others involved in the case.

Note there is a difference between a Judge, an Assigned Judge, a Referee, and a Commissioner.

  • Judge:  Judges can be appointed by the Governor or elected into their office by the public.

  • Assigned Judge: Typically retired judges who can be brought back to preside over cases.

  • Referee: Appointed by the presiding judge to hear cases assigned to them.  They have the same powers and authority as a Juvenile Court Judge.  They are considered employees of the Court.

  • Commissioner:  Elected by the Superior Court Judges.  They are considered employees of the Court.

Note this list is current as of May 2016 and provided via Lacourt.org.  Please check with the Edelman Courthouse for the most up-to-date information on judges.

If you have a case in front of any of these judges contact an attorney to discuss your case, and make sure they have appeared before or know about these Judges.  Each one may handle their cases differently.

Arakaki, AkemiJudge416(323) 307-8016
Blackshaw, Julie FoxJudge412(323) 307-8012
Blackwell, Nichelle L.Commissioner406(323) 307-8006
Campos, Benjamin R.Commissioner422(323) 307-8022
Castro, EmmaCommissioner415(323) 307-8015
Cortez, Annabelle G.Judge402(323) 307-8002
Diaz, Rudolph A.Judge419(323) 307-8019
Downing, Marguerite D.Judge407(323) 307-8007
Draper, Robert S.Judge411(323) 307-8011
Greenberg, VictorJudge420(323) 307-8020
Henry, Margaret S.Judge418(323) 307-8018
Levanas, Michael I.Judge400(323) 307-8030
Losnick, Debra L.Commissioner403(323) 307-8003
Marpet, Stephen C.Commissioner410(323) 307-8010
Martinez, Marilyn KadingCommissioner414(323) 307-8014
Menetrez, Frank J.Judge405(323) 307-8005
Pellman, Amy M.Judge421(323) 307-8021
Soto, Philip L.Judge408(323) 307-8008
Stone, Natalie P.Judge409(323) 307-8009
Sullivan, TeresaJudge417(323) 307-8017
Trendacosta, Anthony A.Judge400(323) 307-8030
Truong, Terry T.Commissioner413(323) 307-8013
Wayser, Joshua D.Judge413(323) 307-8013
Zeidler, Daniel Z.Judge404(323) 307-8004