Fathers Rights Attorney Los Angeles

We are firm believers that Fathers have important rights when it comes to raising their children. And our #1 interest is with our client, and the protection and interests of their children. If you need an experienced lawyer to fight for your rights Contact Our Office so we can discuss your situation. And we believe you can use the law to help you get what’s fair.

In the past a lot of people thought Mothers should automatically get more rights, including custody of their children. And yes in a lot of cases the Mother will get custody. However that is not always the case. We have helped Fathers get custody of their children – be it full or partial custody. And in cases where the Mother gets custody, that does not keep the Father from being a large part of their children’s lives. It is critical for both parents to play a role in the raising of their children. We strive to get to what’s fair when it comes to being able to spend time with your children. Contact us to talk with a Fathers Rights attorney in Los Angeles.

Fathers Rights Situations

For a lot of our clients we help them deal with situations involving their rights. This has included visitation rights, decisions around vacations, decisions around relocation, where to spend school breaks, and many others.

A lot of fathers out there want to know they have done everything they can to support their children. And this is more than just financial child support. This is also having a say in a lot of the critical decisions which will shape their children’s future.

At the Law Office of Beatrice K. Fung we are firm believers in using the law to help parents get all the rights they are entitled to. This usually starts with the question of custody. There are a lot of factors going into that decision so if you are facing a question of custody contact us immediately to discuss your case. Along with custody there are other rights that can be discussed and negotiated inside or outside of a courtroom. We have a lot of experience helping Fathers with custody cases, and fighting for their rights as Dads.

Here is a real referral from a Dad in Los Angeles we helped in the past:

“Ms. Fung treated my case with sincerity, and a personal courtesy that I really was happy to receive. Until MS. Fung took my case I felt alone against the system. Many times she proved her knowledge and dedication to my case. We won the case. Not only due to my innocence but do to her professional expertise. I could go on and on and it would all be good. I highly recommend MS. Fung. If I could add my phone number to this very short praise and thanks —-I would. Darn good job, and I was lucky to find her.”