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A lot of people find about our Law Office by googling “find child abuse lawyer.” Even more people find us through word-of-mouth. Usually it’s a friend, co-worker, or other Attorney who tells them about us. Having worked hundreds of child abuse cases in Southern California we have dealt with a lot of families, judges, and other attorneys who deal with DCFS and child abuse allegations. Through all our cases we do our best to keep a strict standard of professionalism and courtesy. That helps parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and guardians reach their goals. Juvenile Dependency is a small legal community in Southern California, so it is important your Attorney to has a great reputation as someone who knows the system, and fights for their clients. We are proud of our reputation in this community.

Usually a family will come to us because they have been accused of child abuse or child neglect. These are horrible accusations and we do our best to help reunify kids with their family when it makes sense. In some cases we represent other parties who want some say in the matter. It could be an Aunt or Uncle who wants to see the best for the child. Or it may be a grandparent seeking custody. Whatever the situation we are open to talking with folks who are dealing with a child abuse case, and need legal help.

If you are need to find a child abuse lawyer in Los Angeles contact our office to set up a meeting. We are happy to discuss the case and see how we can help. Please know our court calendar gets extremely busy and we will only take on as many clients as we can handle. This helps ensure each client has the time and attention they need.

Our Family Law Office is in Beverly Hills and we are happy to serve families across Southern California. We have also helped clients in other states including Texas. For folks who have a dependency case in California you should consider hiring an Attorney here who is familiar with California dependency laws. And you do not need to meet us in person. For some of our out-of-state families we can help over the phone and email. Whatever your case call us to start talking with a professional Attorney who is here to help.

Find child abuse lawyer