Attorney Beatrice K. Fung Quoted in BuzzFeed News

Our Attorney Beatrice K. Fung was quoted again in BuzzFeed News regarding the Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt child custody battle. Buzzfeed reached out to her for insights into DCFS for these types of cases. If you are seeking a Family Law Attorney due to a child abuse, child neglect, or child custody dispute Contact us to discuss your needs. And if you need a DCFS Attorney call us right away.

While Beatrice Fung is not involved in this specific case, she is able to provide very general thoughts around Family Law and child custody. And she can provide information around DCFS and the child custody system in Los Angeles. The article was written by Claudia Rosenbaum and was published October 25th.

Excerpt from the BuzzFeed article:

Beatrice Fung, an attorney who practices in children’s court who is not affiliated with the Pitt-Jolie case, said that while it is not unusual for the DCFS to extend custody orders, “it might suggest there is an identified concern.”

“DCFS may need additional time to complete their investigation, so they may extend the temporary plan for a short period of time,” Fung said.

The DCFS could have also pushed to extend the plan if they had concerns, but not enough to get a court involved. The extra time could then be used to see if the situation can be stabilized.

“If the family has been compliant and cooperative, the department might decide to extend it for a period of time for the family to continue to make progress,” Fung said.

If the DCFS were to determine the parents are uncooperative or there are major concerns for the health and well being of the children, Fung said officials could file a petition to initiate court proceedings.