Beat DCFS - Fight DCFS

A lot of Family Law Attorneys claim they can help you fight, or even beat DCFS (Department of Children and Family Services). The fact is going up against DCFS is a very important as it could mean the difference between your kids staying in your home or being taken away permanently. That’s why we recommend you find someone who specializes in “Juvenile Dependency”. This is a specific area of Family Law which few lawyers deal with. Our attorney, Beatrice K. Fung, has handled hundreds of these cases over the past 10+ years and is a good resource when handling DCFS.

If you are contacted by DCFS it is important to speak with an Attorney to know your rights and discuss the steps to take. If you are facing this matter Contact Us immediately before speaking with anyone else about your case. We can speak with you over the phone or set up a time to meet in person at our office.

When dealing with DCFS matters who you talk with is extremely important. Not everyone has your best interest at heart. In fact some of people may actively work against you if they think you are guilty of child abuse (regardless of what has or hasn’t been proven). That’s why you should know when you to have your Attorney present when talking with people like social workers. You want to do everything you can to present the best case you have. This may also entail doctor’s visits, discussions with law enforcement, and discussions with people from DCFS. In those matters it is critical to get the advice of an Attorney to know your rights BEFORE getting into these discussions.

Anytime DCFS is involved in a case it is a very serious matter. It typically means there are allegations of child abuse or child neglect. If you have any involvement in a case we highly recommend you hire a private Family Law Attorney who has years of experience with these matters.

And it is not just the parents who should speak with an Attorney. We have worked with grandparents and parental guardians as well. Whoever you are in a case, if you are involved and have a role in the matter Contact Us so we can speak further.