LA Child Abuse Attorney

If you are facing child abuse charges, or charges of child neglect Contact Us right away. We want to hear about your case and see how we can help best deal with the situation you are facing.

Soon we will be putting up videos discussing child abuse and child neglect legal services. In Los Angeles if you are facing child abuse charges please reach out to an attorney specializing in this field to discuss your situation. Child abuse matters must be taken very seriously as they can have serious consequences – including DCFS taking children away. A lot of times parents or guardians are charged with crimes they never committed. Even in those circumstances you need an attorney who will fight for you, and provide guidance to support the results you want.

Beatrice K. Fung has helped hundreds of parents and families fight child abuse charges. While each case is unique all need to be handled by someone who is diligent and knows the system. It can be an up-hill battle so you want someone who has traveled this road before.

If you or someone you know is facing child abuse charges in Los Angeles you owe it to yourself to Call or Email Us right away to set up a consultation.