Child Custody Order

If you are looking for information for a Child Custody order you may want to hire a Family Law Attorney who specializes in child custody cases. These orders deal with your rights when it comes to custody and visitation – So it is very important to get them right. These cases can also dictate who can make decisions on behalf of the children.

There are a lot of web-sites with helpful information around child custody orders. It is good for parents and grandparents to be aware of the process and terminology. However these cases can be extremely complex and overwhelming. That’s why we recommend working with someone who knows child custody law.

Where these cases can get complicated is when both sides can’t agree on who has custody, pick-up and drop-off locations, etc. These may seem like trivial matters when a couple is together. However once a couple gets separated or divorced these “minor things” can get very tense and complex. And in other cases there may be allegations of child neglect or child abuse. If that comes up in your case you should immediately contact an Attorney.

Out of State Child Custody

We have dealt with cases where one of the parents lives in a different state. If you are dealing with child custody issues and you live in different states Contact Us about your case.

Domestic Violence Cases

We have worked with clients for their child custody needs on Domestic Violence cases. In some cases these also involve getting a Restraining Order or answering a Restraining Order. Domestic Violence can have a big impact on the child custody and visitation rights, so it is important to talk with an Attorney if that is a part of your case. And if you are a victim of Domestic Violence please contact the authorities immediately.