Child Support Calculator

Calculating child support in California is done using a formula. The State of California takes a lot of factors into account when determining child support payments. All that information goes into a calculator which then provides the amount to be paid. Some web-sites provide a calculator which you can use to get an estimate of your payments. However we highly recommend you speak with an Attorney since you want to ensure you are getting correct information. If you are trying to determine child support payments Contact Us to discuss your situation.

Child Support Modification

If you want to make changes to your existing child support payments that is called a Child Support Modification. Sometimes this can be done if something with your financial situation has changed. For example you may have gotten a new job that pays less money. If that happens the court doesn’t automatically find out and adjust your payments. You need to let the court know all the information so they can make a change if they agree it is appropriate. Or if the other parent gets a new job that pays significantly more money you may also be able to change your child support payments.

Here are some of the changes which could result in a Modification

  • Change in living expenses
  • The child’s needs change significantly
  • Change in Income by either Parent
  • Medical Emergency
  • Financial Hardship

Speaking with an Attorney can help you determine if seeking a child support payment change makes sense. You should be prepared to provide a lot of financial information which all goes into determining the new child support payments.

Child Support Payment Factors

When it comes to determining Child Support payments the State of California needs a lot of information. The State takes the information you provide and using a formula will provide the child support payment information. Some of the factors they use include:

  • Number of children
  • % of time each parent spends with the child or children
  • Monthly Income for both parties
  • Monthly Deductions
  • Prior Child Support orders
  • Retirement Contributions
  • Job Related Expenses
  • Recent Tax Information
  • Property Tax (if applicable)
  • Union Dues (if applicable)
  • Mandatory and/or Voluntary Retirement Payments (if applicable)
  • Health Insurance payments (if applicable)

California provides a free on-line calculator to help estimate your monthly child support payments. Using this information you can get a sense for how much you will need to pay, or should receive, in child support payments.

Keep in mind they require you provide a lot of detailed information. So you should have your Tax Forms and a recent pay stub available.