Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Divorce

As with most television shows, please be careful taking too much away from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Divorces and child custody fights on shows like Real Housewives of Beverly Hills may not be an accurate representation. Yes, you may already know this. Though not everyone understands how TV takes editing liberties in order to make things more interesting, exciting, and gossip worthy. Part of the role of the TV show is to stay relevant and talked about on-line. They will make things seem worthy of mention on web-sites like TMZ and Radar Online. So the parts and pieces you may see on these shows are not the day-to-day reality of divorce.

The reality is a lot of real life divorce proceedings is discussions with your Attorney and financial accountants. There is also a lot of planning and strategy in order to ensure you do your best to get what you want. This can take a lot of time before you even set foot in a courtroom (if it even comes to that). Know there may be some drama in your divorce. Sometimes two sides cannot agree on splitting up assets, who brought what into the marriage, who gets the kids on the weekends. Though hopefully those items can be reasonably resolved. If not, then you need an Attorney who can be a partner in understanding your goals, and fighting for them.

This is similar in child custody and child neglect settings. Except in those settings the information is kept even more strict. One of the main purposes for the secrecy is to protect the rights of the children. So while on some TV shows they make the child custody dispute seem exciting, they can easily forget that parents or guardians are fighting over a child. And the child’s welfare should be seen as the most critical piece of the case.

Rest assured we are not saying don’t watch TV or shows like the Real Housewives. We are simply saying what you see on these shows may not match reality in your divorce or child custody case.