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  • Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Divorce
    Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Divorce

    As with most television shows, please be careful taking too much away from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Divorces and child custody fights on shows like Real Housewives of Beverly Hills may ...

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  • Edelman Courtroom
    Edelman Courtroom

    If you are dealing with a DCFS case, typically becase of charges of child abuse or child neglect, you may need to appear at the Edelman Courthouse in Monterey Park. And if don’t have an Attorney we ...

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  • Reasons for Divorce
    Reasons for Divorce

    In all our years as a Family Law Attorney in Beverly Hills we have seen numerous reasons for people getting divorced. Fact is there isn’t a “good” reason to get divorced, though they are some bad ...

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  • Ashley Madison Hack
    Ashley Madison Hack

    News came out today that web-site Ashely Madison ( has been hacked. Data for up to 30 Million people could be at risk. The site says “Over 37,610,000 anonymous ...

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  • Divorce and Child Abuse
    Divorce and Child Abuse

    We are one of the few Los Angeles Law Firms who can take on a Family Law case involving both divorce and child abuse. This is because we work with matters of Family Law and Juvenile Dependency. If you ...

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  • Divorce Learning Lessons
    Divorce Learning Lessons

    We have helped a lot of men and women go through a divorce. As an attorney we cannot divulge any information about our clients. However we can share some of the learning lessons we have picked up over ...

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