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  • Edelman Children’s Court Judges – DCFS Judges
    Edelman Children’s Court Judges – DCFS Judges

    DCFS Court Monterey Park This is a list of judges at the Edelman Court in Monterey Park, California (as of May 2016). The list changes from time to time. You should check with the courthouse for the ...

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  • Edelman Courtroom
    Edelman Courtroom

    If you are dealing with a DCFS case, typically becase of charges of child abuse or child neglect, you may need to appear at the Edelman Courthouse in Monterey Park. And if don’t have an Attorney we ...

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  • Family Law Typos
    Family Law Typos

    A lot of people looking for a Family Law Attorney in Los Angeles unfortunately use typos. Quite a few of the words Family Law Attorneys use can be difficult to spell, or have other very similar words. ...

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  • Chinese Family Law Attorney Los Angeles
    Chinese Family Law Attorney Los Angeles

    Family Law in California can be very difficult to navigate. And the laws can be especially hard to understand if English isn’t your first language. If your first language is Mandarin or Cantonese ...

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  • Family Lawyer Los Angeles
    Family Lawyer Los Angeles

    These are some of the Cities we and Zip Codes we cover for Family Law in Los Angeles. We have handled hundreds of Family Law cases in Los Angeles including divorce, child custody, child visitation, ...

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  • Orange County Family Lawyer
    Orange County Family Lawyer

    Our Family Law Office is in Beverly Hills and we handle cases in Orange County as well. We just finished a very large case for a client in the City of Orange. Through our experience we have worked ...

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