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Judge modifying court orderWhen a divorce or child support order is put in place, it is legally binding and cannot be changed unless someone seeks a modification. Fathers and mothers may seek to modify court-approved child support orders after they've been finalized for a wide range of reasons.

If you experience a life event that has changed your monthly income, Sherman & Fung can help. Our Beverly Hills child support modification lawyers understand just how quickly life circumstances can change, affecting your ability to pay or your need for child support.

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What to Expect From a Modification

A child support modification can be requested for any number of reasons. Typically an important event might trigger this need for modification, such as someone getting re-married, the loss of a job, change in salary, or a serious injury. Our firm has worked with mothers and fathers throughout Los Angeles County over the years, assisting with all types of child support modification requests.

In order to seek a modification, it is important to consider that:

  • Everything you submit or attest to must be factual
  • You will likely be asked to provide documentation or proof to support the change
  • Your ex-spouse or the other parent may also request changes
  • A new support order will be issued if the support payment is modified

Why Hire Representation for a Modification?

There is no guarantee when it comes to the outcome of family law cases. However, hiring a Beverly Hills child support modification lawyer who is professional and has experience in the field of family law can increase your chances of success.

At Sherman & Fung, we understand that there can be a great deal of stress and emotion around the subject of child support. You can rely on us to keep you updated about your case every step of the way. We are dedicated to tending to your needs quickly, as child support cases are extremely urgent.

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