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Fighting for Fathers' Rights

A child's relationship with both parents should be protected whenever possible. With few exceptions, such as in cases of child or drug abuse, children benefit from having their fathers in their lives to support and guide them. If you are going through a divorce or if you and the mother of your child are no longer together, seeking representation from a Beverly Hills fathers' rights lawyer is in your best interest.

Our firm represents fathers in several areas of the law, including:

With decades of legal experience, our team of attorneys is prepared to not only defend your rights but to fight for your goals. Helping you make decisions that reflect your child’s best interests is our priority.

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How We Protect Your Fathers' Rights

When a mother gives birth, her maternity is of course assumed. Unfortunately, paternity is not always assumed unless you are married at the time of the birth or DNA evidence has been obtained. We can help you to establish paternity if needed and ensure that you are considered for custody and visitation. This involves illustrating that you have a strong relationship established with your child, that you have the means to provide for your child, and that you want to provide for their needs.

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Whether you are going through a divorce or you are an unmarried parent seeking custody rights, Sherman & Fung is here for you. Don't put off hiring a Beverly Hills family law attorney to represent you and protect your interests. At our firm, we take a thorough and thoughtful approach to provide our clients with the highest quality service. You can rely on us to keep you informed throughout legal proceedings so you are never left in the dark.

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  • Professional, responsive, intelligent, open-hearted and exactly who you want on your side.

    “I'm not being dramatic when I say we would have lost custody if Bea was not on our side.”


  • We just got our letter that the case is closed. Best money ever spent!

    “Mr. Sherman was responsive, available and actually cares about what is right for kids.”

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  • Mr. Sherman was responsive, available and actually cares about what is right for kids.

    “He knows the process and he knows the law. He walked us through the investigation process and made it very simple and stress free.”

    Previous Client

  • She helped me get the best outcome for my custody situation, as well as guidance when it came to child support.

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