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Any individual can pursue a private guardianship of a minor child in the probate courts in Los Angeles County. In order to be successful, anyone petitioning the Court for a guardianship must establish that it would be detrimental for the child to remain with their parent(s) and that it would be in the child’s best interest to be removed from a parent and placed with a non-parent. Petitioning for guardianship is not an easy process but hiring a Beverly Hills family law attorney can position you for a successful outcome.

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How Guardianships Are Established

Guardianships are initiated by filing a petition with the probate court to appoint a guardian. Once the petition has been filed, the court will set a hearing. During the hearing, the party requesting guardianship will have the burden of proving that it is in the child's best interests to be taken out of the care of their parents.

It is important to understand that this petition can be made even without the consent of the parents – of course, they may contest your petition. We can help you complete the significant amount of paperwork and documentation while representing you during any hearings.

A few of the responsibilities of a guardian, once appointed, include:

  • Ensuring the child has a safe home
  • Providing necessities, including medical care and food
  • Handling any legal decisions or lawsuits on behalf of the minor
  • Handling the finances of the minor

Let Our Firm Help You Petition for Guardianship

There are many reasons why people choose to petition for guardianship, such as parental abuse or neglect, drug or alcohol abuse, incarceration, and even incapacitation. The court considers many factors when making a decision regarding child guardianship, including the child's best interests.

Our goal at Sherman & Fung is to work with you to ensure you understand the role of the guardian and the responsibilities you will take on if awarded guardianship. We also strive to show the court that you are a fit guardian for the child who needs to be removed from their current situation.

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    “She was an integral part in helping us get our daughter back and my husband and I are will always be forever grateful.”

    Former Client