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Visitation Lawyers in Beverly Hills

Seek Help to Secure or Protect Visitation Rights

If you are currently going through a divorce or you are having a difficult time coming up with a visitation agreement with the other parent of your child, Sherman & Fung can help. Though we strive to find solutions that are in the best interests of the child, we understand that visitation can be a contentious topic between two parents.

With decades of experience, our Beverly Hills visitation attorneys have a thorough understanding of family law in California. Our goal is to work with you to help you find a reasonable solution that prioritizes your child’s well-being. If negotiation is futile, we can represent you in court and fight for your ideal custody or visitation schedule.

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What Is Included in a Visitation Schedule?

When two parents are divorced or have never been married but both wish to be involved in their child’s life, a custody agreement and visitation schedule must be established. A visitation schedule does not simply state when the non-custodial parent will stop by to visit their child. There are many components that should be covered in this agreement before it is proposed to the court. We can help you if you are struggling to establish a viable visitation schedule. Our firm works with parents, grandparents, and in some cases, older siblings who are seeking visitation rights.

A visitation schedule should determine:

  • The circumstances involved in visits
  • Where the visits will take place
  • The amount of time each parent can spend with the child
  • If the visits need to be supervised
  • Where the child will spend holidays/vacations

Representation for Complex Visitation Cases

In most cases, the court will try to do everything possible to involve both parents in the child's life. However, there may be situations where visitation rights are not granted right away. There may also be special circumstances where visitation rights are granted but you believe they shouldn't be, such as if the other parent is endangering your child's life.

Whatever the case may be, retaining representation is vital. At Sherman & Fung, we are capable of gathering evidence to present a case to family court that reflects your concerns and best interests. We can also help you seek a modification to your current visitation order.

To speak with an experienced Beverly Hills visitation lawyer about your unique case, call us today at (213) 372-0992. We represent clients throughout Los Angeles County.

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    “Many times she proved her knowledge and dedication to my case.”