Divorce & Child Abuse Attorney

We understand that divorce can be both an emotionally and financially burdensome process. What we try to do here is insulate our clients from that as much as possible. We provide our clients with as much information and counsel as they need; to help them make informed decisions about how they want to move forward in their lives once they’ve decided that they are going to move forward with the divorce process. A divorce proceeding might involve issues of child custody, child support, child visitation, spousal support. We are trained to represent and counsel our clients on all of those issues. And I routinely litigate those issues in court if the parties are not able to resolve it outside of the courtroom. Juvenile Dependency Law is a separate area of the law involving child custody, visitation. It’s different than Family Law in the sense that it’s not a parent versus the other parent. It’s going to be the parents versus the county, because Juvenile Dependency Law is the area of the law where a county intervenes in a parent’s custodial rights because the county believes the parent may have committed abuse or neglect against the child. What we do here is represent our clients in defending against the allegations the county makes against the parent, and we assist our clients in the reunification process. Ultimately our primary goal is to restore client’s custodial rights at the earliest possible opportunity.